Eckermann Drums
Eckermann Drums
The mizhar is a frame drum that originates in Syria. Several of these drums combined in one ensemble form the rhythmic basis of the melodious, dynamic prayers and chants of the sufi orders. The mizhar also serves as a clearly notable, harmonically integrated rhythmic center for the classical orchestra or in ensembles of contemporary music.
The traditional playing technique is based on a seated position of the musician, which offers best impact on the membrane particularly with the larger diameters of 55 to 70cm. Placed on the thigh the mizhar is directed and played with the left and right hand. In order to allow for a dynamic and dancing technique, the shell has a hole for the thumb for holding and balancing the instrument.
The mizhar showed here has a harmonic sound balance of overtones to bass note. The bass note of the mizhar is determined mainly by the diameter of the frame and can be modified with the integrated tuning system.
The various dimensions of the Syrian mizhar reconstructed by Eckermann Drums allow exact compositions for melodic-rhythmic oriented ensembles.
Mizhar Details:
Eckermann Drums goatskin membrane
beech shell
thumbhole or recessed grip
in-frame integrated tuning system

Listed tonal ranges have been measured at 72% humidity and 21° Celsius (70° Fahrenheit). Eckermanndrums membranes are handcrafted and of natural origin.  The pitch range of the skins can vary, extending below the lowest range or above the highest range in relation to climate conditions and the type of membrane. 
Mizhar shell depth 10cm / 3½"
Standard dimensions
Ø 30 cm / Ø 12"           range:  h - e`
Ø 35 cm / Ø 14"                       a - d`                 
Ø 40 cm / Ø 15"                       g - c`
Ø 45 cm / Ø 17"                       f  - h
Ø 50 cm / Ø 19"                       d - a                       
Ø 55 cm / Ø 20"                       c - g
Ø 60 cm / Ø 23"                       H - f               
Ø 65 cm / Ø 25"                       A - e
Ø 70 cm / Ø 27"
special skins and shells according to individual needs upon request
remarcable recording in the "field": very well tuned
Mizhar 55.10 C  
Mizhar 45.14 C  
Jarrod Cagwin: Mizhar 60 (Syrian Membran)

Capella Antiqua Bambergensis

CD Klang der Stauffer:  Chanzoneta Tedescha

Nora Thiele: Mizhar 45 (Syrian Membran)

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Michel Godard Trio
Michel Godard (Serpent)
Linda Bsiri (Vocal)
Jarrod Cagwin (65cm Mizhar, Syrian Membran)


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